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Making better cars by picturing atoms

Imagine the following: a car so light that it could travel the length and breadth of Europe on a single tank, a mobile screen that doesn't shatter when you drop it or your bike lying under the rain and not getting rusted in your lifetime. At the heart of such innovation is our improved understanding of material science. We've come a long way since transitioning from wood and stone to steel. But we are still far from creating the strongest, lightest and more durable material we can think of. In this talk, we will give you some idea about what makes steel so strong and what can we do to make it even better. We will look at how atoms are arranged inside of these materials with some of the most powerful electron microscopes we have ever built.

Beitrag von

Vivek Devulapalli, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

21.00 bis 21.20 Uhr |  Vortragssaal im Haus der Universität