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Role of Linguistics in AI for Social Good

How can a computer detect Parkinson’s Disease from a voice recording? Or determine if a person has had too much to drink? What do we need to build voice assistants that can understand diverse voices? With the growing role of language technologies in our lives, we need to build tools that are both intelligent and equitable, in order to meet diverse needs of linguistically- diverse populations. Guests will learn about the intersection between linguistics and AI through hands-on demonstrations.

  • What linguistic principles underlie these challenges, and how can these be computationally implemented?
  • Such systems range from familiar virtual assistants, to noninvasive screening for neuromuscular disorders, to Virtual Health Assistants tailored to the linguistic characteristics of particular populations.
  • How can we improve these systems for the public good?

Come to our stand and find out more! Die Vorträge finden auf Deutsch und Englisch statt.

Beitrag von

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Heine Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (HeiCad)

Prof. Dr. Kevin Tang, Anh Kim Nguyen, Dr. Christopher Geissler, and the Speech Lexicon and Modelling Lab, Department of English Language and Linguistics

Standnummer 25
21 bis 22.30 Uhr |  Aktionszelt Schadowplatz